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TQHA Foundation

Working to promote and support the Texas Quarter Horse Association and its membership!

The TQHA Foundation promotes the Texas Quarter Horse Association and its various initiatives through education/scholarships, research and charitable works for the horse industry in Texas. Please consider supporting our youth members and programs. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

TQHA Foundation Board & Committee:

Melba Reidel - President
Nancy Cahill - Vice President
Laina Banks - Secretary
Joleen Moden - Treasurer
Stephen Stephens - Board Member
Robbie James - Scholarship Sub Committee

TQHA Foundation Scholarship

The TQHA Foundation (TQHAF) Scholarships support TQHYA members in their pursuit of higher education making that education more affordable.  Since the Foundation’s inception, more than $300,000 in TQHAF Scholarships have been awarded.  Recipients are selected based on active participation in TQHYA, AQHA or other equine activities with an emphasis on leadership; strong academic credentials; financial need; demonstrated leadership in school and community organizations; and effective communication skills.  Successful candidates must demonstrate a documented history of TQHYA participation while promoting its programs in a meaningful way.

To be eligible, candidates must have been a TQHYA or TQHA member since January 1, 2022, have a 3.0 minimum GPA and apply during their senior year of high school or while enrolled at an accredited college, university, or vocational school. Current or previous TQHAF scholarship recipients are not eligible.  (Note:  TQHYA or TQHA membership requirements will increase to minimum 3-year membership by 2024.)

TQHAF Scholarships are to be used for undergraduate studies at an accredited college, university, or vocational institution as a full-time student.  Scholarships are four or two year awards, with annual payments to the institution, and continuation is subject to the recipient maintaining full-time student status and a 2.5 minimum GPA.

2024 Scholarship Application
Congratulations to these 2024 Foundation Scholarship Recipients:

The Texas Quarter Horse Association Foundation is pleased to announce its 2024 Scholarship Recipients.  These horse enthusiasts clearly demonstrate the TQHAF Scholarship Program’s criteria:  participation in TQHYA, AQHA or other equine activities; strong academic credentials; demonstrated leadership in their schools and community organizations; and effective communication skills.  Please congratulate:

  • Ms. Kylan Canon of Caldwell, Texas.
  • Ms. Isabelle Hildebrandt of Pearland, Texas.
  • Ms. Anna Haffelfinger of Boerne, Texas.
Congratulations to these 2023 Foundation Scholarship Recipients:
  • Riley Pirkle
  • David Kendrick
  • Tell Bagley
  • Camey Powers
  • Charlotte Rondon
  • Karli Rayburn
  • Sydnie King
  • Treylyn Hancock
Congratulations to these 2022 Foundation Scholarship Recipients:
  • A.J. Kendrick
  • Lauren Pursley
  • Josie Henson
Congratulations to these 2021 Foundation Scholarship Recipients:
  • Jordan Davis
  • Rylee Howton
  • Padon Jorosz
  • Rylee King
  • Addison Paulsen
  • Arielle Wortham
Congratulations to these 2020 Foundation Scholarship Recipients:
  • Teghan Brooks
  • Blake Dunkel
  • Skylar Duleba
  • Davan Galinski
  • Claire Lee
  • J’Cee Faith Petty
Congratulations to these 2019 Foundation Scholarship Recipients:
  • Billy Belflower
  • Jaci Brown
  • Kennedy Bryant
  • Mattie Dukes
  • Brandalyn Ellis
  • Sydney Grimland
  • Delanie McClanahan
  • Saryn Paulsen
  • Reanna Santos
2024 Scholarship application and information is now available on the Forms & Resources page!

Scholarship Deadline: January 6, 2024

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