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TQHYA Officers

Participants in our leadership program develop the skills necessary to guide peers, influence opinions and policy, and become role models for their generation!

Participation on the TQHYA committee and the board develops excellent leadership experience, provides opportunity for future national office, and increases responsibility – all of which looks great on a college application. Plus it’s FUN!

Are you interested in being a part of the TQHYA Officer Team or Board of Directors? Fill out the application below.

Meet our team!

2024 TQHYA Board of Directors

Anna Haffelfinger • Camille Kennedy • Eleanor Hartman • Emerson Knabenshue • Jesenia Saenz • Jessanie Saenz • Maisy Ewing • Mary Katherine Corrigan • Trent Boegner •

2024 TQHYA Youth Advisor

Amy Lee

If you are interested in serving on the TQHYA Board of Directors or on a TQHYA Committee, please fill out an application in Forms & Resources or contact Texas Quarter Horse Association.

Attention To:
Amy Lee
P.O. Box 52273
McAllen, TX 78505
956-578-1321    512-458-1713    Send Email


TQHYA Officers

President Riley Pirkle
Vice President Anna Haffelfinger
Secretary Isabelle Hildebrandt
Treasurer David Kendrick
Reporter Maisy Ewing

Board of Directors

Addison Allen
Charlotte Rondon
Charylet Lee
Eleanor Hartman
Emerson Knabenshue
Harper Nash
Rosemary Hartman
Treylyn Hancock
Wade Kiser


TQHYA Officers

President Jordan Davis
Vice President Lauren Pursley
Secretary Rylee King
Treasurer Tell Bagley
Reporter Maddie Passmore

Board of Directors

Kelsey Gonzales
Faith Horner
Sydnie King
Millie Landon
Charylet Davin Lee
Claire Lee


TQHYA Officers

President Tell Bagley
Vice President Riley Pirkle
Secretary Rosemary Hartman
Treasurer Charylet Lee
Reporter David Kendrick

Board of Directors

Maisy Ewing
Harper Nash
Charlotte Rondon
Addison Allen
Ashlee Acker
Courtney Hammit
Angelina Widmoser
Sydnie King
Anna Haffelfinger
Addison Shook
Camey Powers
Treylyn Hancock
Mabry Warren


TQHYA Officers

President Claire Lee
Vice President Jordan Davis
Secretary Kalena Reynolds
Treasurer Addison Paulsen
Reporter Lauren Pursley

Board of Directors

Layla Clark
Rylee King
Charles Lee
Hanna Iselin Olaussen
Kendall Stewart


TQHYA Officers

President Lauren Pursley
Vice President Rylee King
Secretary Tell Bagley
Treasurer Sydnie King
Reporter Faith Horner

Board of Directors

Trysten Drury
Kaitlyn Evans
Rosemary Hartman
David Kendrick
AJ Kendrick
Charylet Davin Lee
Addison Paulsen
Riley Pirkle


TQHYA Officers

President Sarah Winters
Vice President Claire Lee
Secretary Jordan Davis
Reporter Kalena Reynolds
Treasurer Jacqueline Holliday

Board of Directors

Jaci Brown
Charles Lee
Madison Musser
Maddie Passmore
Addison Paulsen
Lauren Pursley
Tatum Richey

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