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Roping Events

TQHA Incentive Events that include Texas stallions that are a part of our Roping Stallion program

The roping industry is one of the oldest and most successful industries in agriculture. We are proud to promote our state and breeding program through TQHA Incentive Events that reflect the stallions that are part of our program.

TQHA 2024 Roping Stallion Auction

TQHA Roping Stallion Program

Stallion Offspring & the Stallion Owner are eligible for incentive money!

Participation in the 1st Annual Roping Stallion Program is open to American Quarter Horse Stallion owners. The funds generated from the Roping Stallion Service Program will be used for roping events hosted in Texas and split 4 ways for the different roping disciplines – heading, heeling, breakaway, and calf roping. This program is developed to promote participating STALLIONS while paying incentive money to their performing foals as well as the stallion owner(s).


Advantages of TQHA Roping Stallion Incentive

  1. Stallion Offspring Incentives 2024 – 60 offspring owner/40 stallion owner split.
    Our program gives the stallion owners a guarantee. if their stud is paid in, the roping horse owner pays the required entry fee for the incentive.
  2. Pay stud owners back more – Percentage-wise our program rewards the stud owners with a greater payback than most incentives for their help with the program.
  3. Sell colts – All sire incentives help people who have bred to studs sell colts to the people competing on them.

2024 TQHA Roping Stallion Donation Application  2024 Stallion Service Program Conditions

The proceeds of the Stallion Service Auction will be used for 2024 events that will promote the STALLION and give incentive money to stallion offspring and the stallion owner in the 2024 event incentive.

Stallion Offspring Incentives 2024 – 60/40 split

2024 Events (see calendar for details):

2024  Rules for Offspring Eligibility

  • All offspring of TQHA Stallions (no matter what year the stallion was enrolled) are eligible to compete. See eligible stallions below.
  • IF THE STALLION IS NOT enrolled in the current TQHA Roping Stallion year (i.e. 2024) there is a $50 nomination enrollment fee to compete for TQHA Stallion Offspring Incentives the current year.
  • *Offspring will be eligible only if Stallions paid up in 2024 auction or if Offspring nomination enrollment is paid.
  • The stallion only receives stallion incentive $ (40%) if they are enrolled in the current year (2024)
  • Horse owner must be a TQHA member.
Foal Incentive Enrollment Form2024 Eligible Stallions - Coming Soon!


  • ONLY current stallion owners get the 40% payout if a rider and offspring of their stallion wins money at an event with the Stallion Incentive.
  • The horse owner has to have a current TQHA membership and if their stallion is not on the current list they will need to turn in a foal incentive page with all the requirements to receive 60% payout.

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