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Pending Awards

On this page is a link for a list of Accredited Texas Bred Owner Awards that are still pending for races that were held during the 2023 Sam Houston Race Park meet, 2023 Retama Park meet, 2023 Gillespie County Fair meet and 2023 Lone Star Park meet.   The lists are sorted by horse names.  

If your horse’s name is listed and your name is listed under the Owner column then you are due an award…… BUT…...we were not able to pay the award because we are needing a TQHA Transfer and/or a Tax ID number.  A TQHA Transfer is available here.  The fee for transferring a horse is $15.00 for a current TQHA member or $30 for a non-member.

In order to collect the award please read through and complete all the information contained on the TQHA Transfer form (even if you don’t currently own the horse) and send it in, along with the appropriate fee, to the TQHA at the address listed on the form.  You can also email the form back to us at and include a phone number that we can call and get a credit card payment from you.  Once we get all the information we need we will process your award and send it out to you.

Spread the news to your friends and family if you see their names on these lists.  We want everyone to get the awards they are due but we can’t do our part and send out the awards until we have received all the necessary paperwork in our office. Pending awards for 2023 that go unclaimed will expire on December 1, 2024.  

2023 Sam Houston & Gillespie & Retama & Lone Star Awards

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